Mitcham Surveys

With over 30 years of survey experience within the Construction, Minerals, Earthmoving and Waste Management industry, Mitcham Surveys can carry out all aspects of surveying and setting out.

Each survey team is equipped with the latest Trimble GPS and Total Station technology ensuring each surveyor has the most efficient and safest tool to complete the required survey task. All data is processed using the latest modelling and CAD software.

We can cover all areas of the UK from our offices based in Cambridgeshire and Berkshire.

We provide services in all aspects of land Surveying including:

  • Building surveys
  • Topographical site surveys
  • Quarry development surveys
  • Landfill void surveys
  • Setting out including batter and associated volume calculations
  • Stockpile surveys and associated volume calculations
  • Earthwork setting out for restoration or quarry development
  • Waste settlement surveys
  • Quarry phasing and landfill design
  • Machine control set-up and management
  • Boundary locations and setting out
  • Earthwork phasing design